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News : September 2016 : WSF Presents Inaugural Artemis Award
WSF Presents Inaugural Artemis Award
March 14th 2012
  • : March 14th 2012
    Recognizing that woman play just as vital of a role as conservationists as men, the Wild Sheep Foundation launched a new service award to recognize the outstanding women conservationists and hunters within its membership.  The one question remained, what do we call this award?

    Research led us to Greek Mythology – which led us to Artemis.  Artemis, the great Olympian goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals, was often depicted carrying a bow and arrow.  She was the protector of all wildlife and wild lands.  She was the perfect fit.

    The Wild Sheep Foundation’s Artemis Award recognizes an outstanding wild sheep foundation woman member, leader and mountain hunter who has made significant contributions to wildlife, wild lands, wild sheep, and other mountain game and like her Olympian goddess namesake has demonstrated her commitment and leadership towards the hunt and the game pursued. 

    From a list of six outstanding nominations - Kathy Boone of Lubbock Texas was the 2012 inaugural recipient. She played pivotal roles in the acquisition and permanent protection of thousands of acres of critical sheep habitat and helped enhance habitat on thousands more.  She has participated and spearheaded work projects that enabled bighorn sheep near extinction to become a prosperous herd today in excess of over 1500 animals.  Through her networking and relationship building with the Texas wildlife department, the bighorn restoration programs continue to be successful.  It is through her tireless efforts that future generations will have the same opportunities and our hunting heritage will continue.

    Artemis award nominees must demonstrate their qualifications as: a mountain hunter; a regular contributor and volunteer to the Wild Sheep Foundation and/or the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Chapters & Affiliates; an active participant in on-the-ground work projects benefitting wild sheep and other wildlife; a role model for other women in the outdoors and a leader in the active promotion of ethical hunting and in particular, sheep and mountain game hunting.

    “On behalf of the Wild Sheep Foundation, The Board of Directors, and the Artemis Awards Committee it was an absolute pleasure to present Mrs. Kathy Boone as the 2012 Inaugural Artemis Award recipient during our recent 2012 Convention in Reno, Nevada,” stated Kelli Thornton, Ladies Luncheon Chairman. “Kathy has done so much for the wild sheep community and is very deserving of this recognition,” she added.   

    Nominations for the 2013 Artemis Award should be sent to WSF Headquarters in Cody, Wyoming. Nominations are due December 1, 2012. For Artemis and other Service Award criteria, visit or email WSF on

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