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2021-2022 <1 Club Rules and Regulations

1.  <1 Club “Membership” is open ONLY to those aspiring sheep hunters who have not yet taken a North American or international wild sheep ram*. 

2.  Annual membership in the <1 Club is only $25. New <1 Club Members receive a <1 Club T-shirt, club decal and one (1) entry into the annual sheep hunts and gear package drawing. Renewing <1 Club Members receive an entry into the annual drawing. ONE ENTRY PER MEMBER ONLY!

3.  <1 Club Members must be a member of WSF in good standing on the drawing date (Jan. 14, 2022) to be entered into drawing. Family Membership in WSF qualifies. You may sign up each family member in the <1 Club for $25 per person if each family member enlisted satisfies Rule #1 above. Winner must be of legal hunting age within the state/prov. at the time of the hunt.  Alaska = 10 years old • NWT = 12 years old. If not, another name will be drawn.

4.  Three sheep hunts and (3) prize packages will be given away! <1 Club Members will be entered into a drawing for Dall’s sheep hunt with Alaskan Hunting Expeditions, Ultima Thule Outfitters and a third hunt from Alaska Outfitters Unlimited.  The hunt winners will also receive a SAAM’s Precision Level One Rifle Training program with FTW Outfitters in Texas, a pedestal mount from one of the following taxidermists: Joe Zweifel of Wildlife Revolutions, Chris Cammack of Brush Country Studios, and Dawayne Dewey of Dewey Wildlife Studios and a replica of their trophy by WYO Backcountry Décor (Shipping of the pedestal mounts and replicas are the responsibility of the hunt winners.) To ensure that each hunt is fully equipped with the best, each hunt winner will also receive a clothing and gear package including head to toe Sitka Gear clothing, Kenetrek boots, Leupold optics, a Mystery Ranch backpack, and OnXMaps mobile device maps. Each hunt winner will also receive a $500 travel credit donated by Washington WSF. 

5.  First drawn will receive choice of hunt and pedestal mount and NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN. Second drawn receives second choice of hunt and pedestal mount and MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. Third drawn receives the remaining hunt and pedestal mount and also MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. Winners are eligible for one prize per year only. Travel to and from sheep hunts and shooting school is responsibility of the winners. Shipment of mounts and replicas is also responsibility of the winners.

6.  Drawing will be held Friday, January 14, 2022 during the 4-6 pm <1 Club/<1 iClub Reception during the 2022 Sheep Week® with beer sponsored by Blue Moon Brewing in the Mount Rose Ballroom of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.
NOTE: Membership in the <1 Club does not include entry into the <1 Club/<1iClub Beer Reception.  A $25 Reception ticket is required for entry.

7.  Hunts are to be taken only in the year specified by the donors. Exceptions are subject to donor’s approval. Hunts MAY ONLY be transferred to another <1 Club Member in good standing & MAY NOT BE SOLD.

8.  By signing you certify that you have not yet taken a wild sheep ram* in North America (free range California bighorn, Dall’s, desert bighorn, fannin, Rocky Mountain bighorn or Stone’s sheep) or an indigenous ram internationally and that you have read and understand the Rules and Regulations set forth by WSF for the <1 Club.

*NOTE: A wild sheep ram is considered a California bighorn, Dall’s, desert bighorn, fannin, Rocky Mountain bighorn or Stone’s sheep in North America or a non North American wild sheep taken outside of North America and recognized under WSF’s Mountain Monarchs Award Program.

The <1 Club is for those aspiring sheep hunters who have not taken a wild sheep ram under free range/fair chase conditions in North America or an indigenous ram outside of North America. 

The <1 iClub is for those who have not taken a free range wild sheep or goat outside of North America. A free range Armenian sheep, Barbary sheep/aoudad, mouflon or Red sheep taken in North America does not exclude you from membership from either the <1 Club or the  <1 iClub.

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