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All membership dues include $28/year for a subscription to Wild Sheep™ Magazine.
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<1 Club
(Must be a WSF member in conjunction with joining the <1 Club. If not already a member, see membership options below) <1 Club "membership" is open ONLY to those aspiring sheep hunters who have not yet taken a North American or international wild sheep ram*. Annual membership in the <1 Club is only $25. Members receive a <1 Club T-shirt and one (1) entry into sheep hunt & gear package drawing. One (1) entry into drawing per person ONLY. <1 Club members must be a member of WSF in good standing and must be a WSF member in good standing on the drawing date to be entered into drawing. Family Membership in WSF qualifies. You may sign up each family member in the <1 Club for $25 per person if each family member enlisted satisfies #1 above.
*As recognized as a wild sheep ram in the CIC Phenotype List Caprinae
$25 each
(Does not include WSF membership. See membership options below.)
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Family Membership
This is an opportunity for your entire Family, that special Spouse and all children under the age of 18. You will receive all of the regular membership benefits along with patches and decals for every family member.
$80.00 each

Regular Membership
Join or Renew and begin making a difference today with a Regular Membership to WSF. Members join an exclusive group of committed conservationists. Benefits include a subscription to the quarterly WSF Wild Sheep magazine, decals, and your membership card. Also have access to a network of organizations and individuals who share your passion for protecting and managing wild sheep everywhere.

These items are per person and should not be more then 1
$45.00 each

Regular Membership (3 years)
$120.00 each

International Membership (Non-North American)
WSF has never had the focus and the impact on international sheep and international sheep hunters that it has today. You can help us to continue to make a difference internationally.
$100.00 each

Life Time Membership
The ultimate membership for a big game enthusiast! Lifetime Members receive a plaque & Life Member Lapel pin. Plus receive all the benfits of a regular membership. Life Members will receive a tax acknowledgement form worth $790 for tax purposes. Enjoy lifelong membership benefits and the honor of being a part of WSF’s growing legacy year after year. Life Members are honored at the Annual Convention with an exclusive breakfast and auction. All Life Membership fees are placed into a Life Membership Fund and invested on a restricted basis, with the annual earnings funded to service those members, plus fund specific projects. Payment plan options are available by calling the WSF Membership Coordinator - Nancy Liebert at 307.527.6261
$1000.00 each

Life Membership (ages 59-64)
$750.00 each

Life Membership (ages 65 & over)
$500.00 each

Summit Life Member
Life Members make up the very core of the Wild Sheep Foundation. Their unwavering support has enabled WSF to continue to focus and fund mission programs throughout our history. Simply stated to Put and Keep Sheep on the MountainTM. WSF salutes our Life Members ­ we are indebted to you all! The Summit Life Membership takes that exceptional commitment and support to an even higher level, the summit. Life Member and Summit Life Member dues are directed to the WSF Life Member Fund to maintain a reserve, to service all life members in perpetuity, as well as fund annual Life Member conservation and education initiatives. Support and fuel your passion. Join as a Life Member or Summit Life Member today!
$1500.00 each

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The Wild Sheep Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the United States IRS Code. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.
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