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Mountain Monarchs


Mountain Monarch awards recognize outstanding international trophies harvested by our members.

Mountain Monarch field photo collage of wild goats and wild sheep

The WSF endorsed CIC Phenotype List Caprinae© has been categorized into the following phenotypes: 
  • Argali
  • Mouflons
  • Urials
  • Mouflon & Urial Hybrids
  • Northeastern Asian Thinhorn Sheep
  • Pseudo Sheep
  • Wild Goats
  • Markhors
  • Ibex & Relatives
  • Serows
  • Gorals
  • Mountain Goats
  • Chamois
  • Tahrs
  • Takins
  • Chiru

Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards, as well as Honorable Mentions may be given for each category. 


These awards will only be given for outstanding trophies. The International Awards Committee will annually determine the minimum sizes to be considered. In general, an animal must be in the top 20 percent of animals harvested to be considered. If, in a given year, no animals of a category fall in the top 20 percent, no awards in that category may be given. In addition, the number of Honorable Mentions will be limited. In general, no more than three (3) Honorable Mentions per category will be awarded.

As part of the Mountain Monarch Awards, any Caprinae taken that is truly exceptional, may qualify for a Mountain Monarch Award of Excellence.
The deadline for submittal is November 1 of each year. For the current Awards Period, the animal must have been taken between August 30, 2021 - August 30, 2024. This three-year timing allows for some delay after harvesting the animal to obtain a proper measurement.

To be considered for a Mountain Monarch Award, the hunter must submit:

  • A completed SCI score sheet. The score must be certified by the hunter’s signature; it is desirable that an official SCI measurer also certify the score.
  • A completed WSF Hunt Report form.
  • A high-quality field photograph. 


Mountain Monarch entries can be submitted in several ways:
  • On-line Hunt Report – allows you to include details of your hunt and attach your score chart and field photograph.
  • Email PDF Hunt Report – fill out the PDF and email to WSF with a copy of your SCI score chart and field photograph.
  • Mail Hunt Report – Request a hard copy or print a PDF of the Hunt Report and mail to WSF Awards Office along with a printout of your official score chart and field photo. 

Additional Resources

SCI Scoring Resources

Questions? Contact Julie Tripp – WSF Awards & Publications Director.
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