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September 20, 2022
posted in: Conservation, News

With a captured wild sheep, having an in-the-field/”animal-side” test for M.Ovi that delivers a high confidence result reduces the chance of removing a healthy animal from a population, or, transplanting a sick bighorn. With an $18,000 grant, WSF has purchased a Biomeme in-field PCR amplification testing unit for WSF Rocky Crate Endowed Chair Dr. Kate Huyvaert at Washington State University's School of Veterinary Medicine. Having this unit will help further her research on animal-side testing, and aid wild sheep managers in their decision-making. To date, on-site Biomeme testing has been used in Test & Remove actions across the West, and should benefit future Trap & Transplant work. Ideally, diagnostic results from field PCR, “sniffer”-dog detection, and laboratory results will be compared, to further hone and facilitate field management decisions.

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