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1Campfire receives its largest financial support to date

September 16, 2019

1Campfire receives its largest financial support to date. USA based Wild Sheep Foundation contributes to campaign 

1Campfire is an initiative to bring people that love the outdoors together. To inspire constructive dialogue. To tackle tough, but no less critical subjects. Where inclusivity, empathy, and an open mind are the rule, not the exception. 1Campfire is committed to the education and embracing of all walks of life at a virtual campfire and welcomes everyone to pull up a seat.
With well over 1.2 million visitors to its campaign thus far, 1Campfire is also an outreach platform for both hunters and non-hunters alike to come together to help understand shared values. However, 1.2 million is just the start. This is a worldwide movement, as 1Campfire is about inclusivity and understanding, and as such will encompass an expansive audience.

The realities of continued outreach, however, are not cheap. With consistent competition for attention through various marketing channels, initiatives like 1Campfire come and go with little notice or effected change. Therefore, 1Campfire has called upon its partners in the conservation and sustainability community to support this new idea.

One such partner, the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF), has committed $100,000 USD to ensure the continued outreach of this campaign.

When asked about the commitment to 1Campfire, Brett K. Jefferson, Chairman of the WSF board of Directors, stated, “This initiative helps to address a critical component of WSF’s Mission which includes a mandate to “…educate the public and youth on sustainable use and the conservation benefits of hunting…” The Wild Sheep Foundation is proud to partner with our affiliate, the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia (WSSBC), on this much needed initiative to bring all outdoor enthusiasts around 1Campfire to promote and share our common appreciation of the outdoors and all that nature has to offer.”

Kyle Stelter, WSSBC President added, “Continued financial injection will allow outreach and education for the future of not only this project, but our hunting and outdoor heritage as well. We are talking about a major cultural shift that aligns all people in the backcountry. As a singular voice, we believe sustainable use from all walks is achievable.”

As the campaign continues to grow, outreach will scale accordingly. The need for collaboration as it relates to interaction with our natural resources is self-evident, and inclusivity is key; pull up a seat; we have a story to tell. 
For more information on 1Campfire, please visit

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