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Alumni Spotlight : Clay Brewer

September 26, 2021
posted in: Conservation, News

Clay Brewer has been chasing bighorn sheep since he was 11 years old.

“My dad spent a lot of time with me and my brothers outdoors,” said Brewer. “We lived in Utah, and I can remember spotting a sheep for the first time and asking my dad if I could chase him. I spent that entire day following in its path. I’ve been chasing bighorn sheep ever since.”

Brewer was born in Plainview, Texas, and his family followed his father’s work, moving to New Mexico, Utah, and then to Oklahoma. Brewer finished high school there and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a wildlife management degree in 1980.

“I’ve always been interested in the most remote wild places I could find, and I figured a wildlife management degree might lead me there,” he said. “If you track my career, I’ve always searched for something just a little bit wilder than the last place.”

In his current position as Conservation Director and Bighorn Sheep Program Lead for the Wild Sheep Foundation, Brewer is now chasing wild sheep in the western U.S., Mexico and Canada as he oversees wild sheep conservation, management and research activities across the entirety of bighorn sheep range in North America.

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