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MISSION FUNDING: FY2020-21 Grant-in-Aid Projects

October 1, 2020
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MISSION FUNDING:  FY2020-21 Grant-in-Aid Projects
WSF remains laser-focused on our mission, maintaining or increasing wild sheep numbers while improving habitat and herd health.
For our 2020-2021 fiscal year, our biologist staff and volunteer conservation experts have evaluated and prioritized twenty-nine different boots-on-the-ground projects to fund. Each was selected to ensure measurable and tangible results for our priorities to enhance wild sheep habitat and restore wild sheep into those habitats.
Throughout wild sheep range, we will be investing in trap and transplants, establishing new populations, bolstering existing ones through water developments and other habitat improvements, and monitoring herd health and implementing disease mitigation strategies.
All of these projects are important. Some of the most exciting and direct are in our Montana headquarters’ backyard - the reintroduction of bighorns into Montana’s Little Belt Mountains, which haven’t seen a wild ram or ewe in decades, and the restoration of bighorn sheep in Montana’s Tendoy Mountains. Both are scheduled to happen this fiscal year!
WSF directs funding to various wild sheep conservation and management programs, primarily in North America & Central Asia. GIA funding decisions are driven by priority goals identified in the WSF  Conservation Vision 2025.
WSF Conservation Staff (CS) and WSF Professional Resource Advisory Board (PRAB) vettes GIA applications, ranks by priority and presents to the WSF Board of Directors as recommendations for funding.
FY2020-21 Projects
Southern Water Well Drilling @ Sierra El Alamo, Sonora (MX)
Trap, Test, Transplant DBHS from Al Campo to Sierra El Alamo, Sonora (MX)
Recreational Disturbance to Desert BHS (Year 2), Western Colorado (CO)
Water Development - San Francisco Mountains Desert BHS Program (MX)
Risk of Contact Model Update + Training [Westwide]
Prescribed Burns for Wild Sheep Enhancement, NE BC (BC)
Narraway R. RMBHS UWR Monitoring, Natal Range, Habitat Selection (BC)
Remote Sensing for BHS Water Developments, CA Desert Year 1 (CA)
Determining Drivers of RMBHS Pop. Change Across U.S. Range (West-wide)
Water Development in Northern Desert BHS Range in Texas (TX)
Reproductive success, survival, & cause-specific mortality of BHS in NE (NE)
Fraser R. BHS Disease Assessment, Connectivity, Recovery Year 3 (BC)
Recovery of BHS to Historic Tribal Lands, Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (NV)
Tendoy BHS Restoration (MT)
Give A Lamb A Drink (G.A.L.A.D.) Campaign (CA)
Stratosphere Bowl BHS Habitat Improvement (SD)
Working Dogs & Disease Mgt Part I - Disease Detection (MT, UT, NV)
Working Dogs & Disease Mgt Part II - Physical Separation (MT)
Wild Ungulate Health Surveillance in Central Asia (Asia)
BHS Brain - Concussion Project (CO)
Evaluating Transmission Routes of Movi from Aoudad to Desert BHS (TX)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) 2020 Pop. Survey of S. Bristol Mtns (CA)
Optimizing Movi Test & Remove Mgt to Restore BHS Populations (ID OR WA)
BHS Reintroduction to Little Belt Mountains of Central Montana (MT)
Noninvasive Demographic+Genetic Monitoring BHS Teton Range Fecal (WY)
Whiskey Ridge Conservation Easement [Missouri River Breaks BHS] (MT)
Identifying Disease Threats & Mitigation Strat. Navajo Nation DBHS (UT/AZ)
Dissemination of Desert BHS Information (NV)
Trail Lake Meadow Restoration, Whiskey Basin (WY)

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