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New: Charitable Tax Receipts for Canadian Members

December 15, 2022
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December 12, 2022. The Wild Sheep Foundation is incredibly excited to now offer our Canadian members and supporters a charitable giving opportunity.

We have recently partnered with two charities, the Mountain Wildlife Conservation Society (the preferred charity of the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia) and the Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta Chapter-a registered charitable society itself.

Through this agreement, Canadian members can join WSF’s Marco Polo and/or Chadwick Ram giving Societies and direct their donations to either of these Canada Revenue Agency-registered charities and, as such, will benefit from a charitable tax receipt in Canada. The Wild Sheep Foundation will, in turn, recognize these contributions as a commitment to our giving Societies for the Wild Sheep Foundation.

Donations made to either or both of these amazing charities through our giving programs will enjoy all the recognition and benefits that the Marco Polo and Chadwick Ram Societies offer. Please note that while charitable receipts are available through these programs, Wild Sheep Foundation contributions to a raffle, belt buckle, Patron Sponsor, and other programs do not qualify. This is unavoidable due to restrictions in place under Canada Revenue Agencies’ charitable directorate.

To participate in this program, contact Development Manager Paige Culver at Wild Sheep Foundation World Headquarters for more details. Ms. Culver can be reached at or directly by telephone at 406-404-8758.

The Wild Sheep Foundation’s purpose is to Put and Keep Wild Sheep on the Mountain®. Consistent with our mission, this new agreement offers our valued Canadian members an opportunity to participate in charitable giving and reduce their tax burden through conservation. We continue to invest in the wild sheep resources across the landscape and are excited to work with the Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta Chapter and the Mountain Wildlife Conservation Society.

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