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Why We Prescribe Burn

August 4, 2021
posted in: Conservation, News

If you know a bit about wild sheep behavior, you know that they rely on their keen eyesight to detect predators (e.g., wolves, cougars, coyotes, golden eagles, etc.)

The better a wild sheep can see, the more efficiently and safely they can forage, and the further they can feed away from escape terrain.

Prescribed burning is a valuable management tool to improve habitat while also enhancing visibility for wild sheep.

In this sample photo from northeastern British Columbia, it is obvious that this Stone’s sheep ewe & lamb are foraging in less-than-optimal habitat.

The Wild Sheep Foundation is working closely with our British Columbia Affiliate (the Wild Sheep Society of BC), our prescribed burn contractor, involved First Nations, and BC Ministry officials  pursuing a multi-year program to conduct prescribed burning (during spring, most typically) to open up Stone’s sheep habitat in northeastern British Columbia.

Funding support for this multi-year program has been provided by Cabela’s Outdoor Fund and has been used to garner additional funding support from various entities in the province.

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