2018 Auction Preview

2018 Auction Catalog


Stone’s Sheep Hunt
Donated by: Little Dease Adventures
Tony Reviglio
Desert Bighorn Hunt
Donated by: Rancho La Guarida
Gerald Reierson
Dall’s Sheep Hunt
Donated by: SFW & Artic Red River Outfitters
Sailor Ray
Bighorn Sheep Hunt
Donated by: Wilmore Outfitters
Kaegan Mcinturff
Mt Goat Hunt
Donated by: Ultima Thule Outfitters
Don South
Marco Pole Sheep Hunt
Donated by: The Hunting Consortium
Aaron Martin
NRS Fishing Raft
Donated by: WSF
Brad Dale
Boswell’s Custom Titanium Rifle & Scope
Donated by: Boswell’s Custom Rifles
Perry B. Young

4 - Day Arizona Coues Deer Hunt
Donated by: Brad Remfrey - ADBSS
Ali Burgess
7 - Day Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunt for 2 Hunters
Donated by: Katmai Guide Service
Ritch Johnson
Blue Fox Vest
Donated by: William Furs
Fred Burd
5 - Day Colorado Archery Elk Hunt
Donated by: Wy Con Safari
Tony Reviglio
5 - Day Mule Deer Hunt for 1 Hunter
Donated by: Estes Park Outfitters
Jacob Ryg
Kimber 84M Mountin Ascent 308
Donated by: Friends of WSF
Mike Doering
6 - Day Elk/Deer Hunt for 2 Hunters
Donated by: Lazy J Bar O Outfitters
Peter Gutsche
5 - Day New Mexico Oryx Hunt for 1 Hunter
Donated by: Tierra Encantada Outfitters
Kyle Shoman


Kimber - K6S .357
Katsie McConnaushey (WY)
Honor Defense - HG69SC 9MM
Brad Dale (Alberta)

Kimber - Mountain Ascent Subalpine 6.5 Creedmoor
Kyle Krause
Ruger - Hawkeye FTW Hunter .300 Win Mag
Jon Kuhns
Ruger - Hawkeye Predator 6.5 Creedmoor
Tom Stanley (NV)

Kimber – Micro 9 Desert Night 9MM
Drew Della (NV)
Kimber – Stainless Pro Raptor ll .45
Warren Martin (MS)

Kimber – Grand Raptor ll .45
Marvel Cosner (WY)
Tom Schaefer (CO)
Ruger – American rifle w/ Vortex & Case .243
Tom Stanley (NV)


Henry .45-70 Rifle - Steve Peeples (KS)

Floor Credits ($1000)
Scott Clark
2. Beverly Valdez
3. Ken Vorisek
4. Donald C. Martin
5. Jesse Bell

$2,500 Raffle Ticket Package - Victor Bustos (CA)


Ladies Luncheon Gun Board
Ruger AR-556 MPR .223 Rifle
Kris Lancaster
Ruger Scout .223 Rifle - Angela Redder
Beretta A400 Target 12ga Shotgun - Amy Tette
Ruger Hawkeye Compact .243 Rifle - Calli Armstrong
Ruger Single-6 .22 Stainless pistol - Whitney Keele
Ruger Hawkeye FTW 6.5 Creedmore Rifle - Jamie Jurad
Kimber 84M .308 Rifle - Danielle Peterson
Kimber Desert Warrior TFS .45 Pistol - Jacque Sims
Ruger GP 100 Stainless .357 Pistol - Linda MacComber
Kimber Micro 9 Bel Air Pistol - Jamie Gringas

Kimber Micro Raptor Stainless .380 pistol - Grace Kemp
Ruger SR .22P-TB Pistol - Linda MacComber
Kimber Ultra CaryII 9mm Pistol - Nikki Kronberger
Kimber Micro 9 Stainless Raptor 9mm Pistol - Laureen Nakamota

<1 Club - Full Sponsor List
1. Katelyn Sheehan - Gana River Outfitters / Dewey Wildlife
2. Ron Laver - Dillinger River Outfitters / 
Prairie Mountain
3. Taggart Spens - Alaska Hunting Adventures / Wildlife Revolutions

<1 iClub - Full Sponsor List
1. Joseph Aloisio - Wilderness Quest New Zealand / Dakota Taxidermy
2. Davis Burroughs - Asian Mountain Outfitters / Artistic Wildlife Taxidermy
3. Ryan Callaghan - Point Blank Hunts / Artistic Visions Wildlife

Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance
Goat Hunt - Backcountry BC & Beyond - 
Heath Hansen (MT)

Bucket Raffles

Stone Glacier Pack - Khalil Karimov
Mystery Ranch Pack - Lydia Peri
Kenetrek Boots - Tom Powers
Sitka Outfit - Jeff Temen
Schnees Boots - Duane Bernard
Electronic Earmuffs - Toni Bradley
Kimber Rifle Package - Edie Ortman
Growler, hat & t-shirt - Matt Franich
Kifaru $1000 Gift Card - Arnie Pitts

Floor Credits ($2500)
Michael Kirpatrick (PA)
2. Victor Bustos (CA)

$2,500 Raffle Ticket Package
1. L. Ray Calhoun
2. Anthony Wyatt


Life Member Breakfast
Patron Winners in order:
1. Dustin Roe - Zeiss Spotting Scope
2. Dennis Dale - Matthews Bow Package
3. Shad Hulse - Kimber Rifle Package
4. Oscar Carlson (not present) - Huskemaw Blue Diamond Scope
5. Ken & Ann Vorisek - Couples Reg with Hotel 2019
6. Darryl Hosker (not present) - Outdoorsman Package
Hat Raffle Winners ($1,000 Floor Credits)
Kryptek Hat - Traci Martin
WSF Hat - Richard Crawford
Sitka Hat - Alan Schafer
KUIU Hat - Bob DiGrazia
Desert Sheep Hunt Winner: Heather Wise (OR)
Door Prize Winner (Barebow Book): Sandy Cloninger
Floor Credit ($5000) - Tasha K (NV)

Membership Drawings

Karen Townsend Memorial Life Membership - Anthony Collins
Kimber / Leupold / Boyt Package - Kurt Baugher 
Stone Glacier Avail 2200 - Scott Keele
Benchmade Crooked River Knife - Bobby Jones

Free Booth (Early Sign up at Sheep Show): North River Stone

Chadwick Ram Society Booth
North American Arms .22 Pistol
- Kip Slaugh (UT)

50/50 Drawing - Brad Dale (AB)

Go With Bo - Guide Life Membership - 
Travis Walker 

1 more for 4 - Leon Phillips (WY)

Contact Information

Kim Nieters
Auction/Awards Manager
ph. 406.404.8764
fx. 307.527.7117

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