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Welcome to the WSF Hunting Blog

The stories of the hunt and our celebrated big game species are the stories of conservation, family, and a lifestyle that teaches self-reliance, self-determination, self-restraint, and self-respect. These stories are meant to be shared, and it’s been that way since man first documented tales of the hunt on cave walls.


Echos of the Wild: Chasing Bighorns in the East Kootenays

A sheep hunter at 16, Lindsey Stroud thought she would never set foot in sheep country after a life-changing event nearly sidelined her forever. Once she learned how to walk and talk again, she drew a tag and certainly did not let it go to waste. 


Finishing the Four

Cold blood trails, self-doubt, and formidable terrain—Mike Barber experienced it all in his 2023 quest to kill a Wyoming bighorn. Walk alongside him as he leans on determination to navigate the highs and lows that every sheep hunter will eventually encounter, especially when it’s their last of four sheep in the FNAWS.


Film Premiere – Together We Carry On

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps and Purple Heart recipient, Jonathon Blank embodies the shared resilience of our armed service members. During his service, Jonathon sustained injuries that resulted in the loss of both his legs. With the help of a few friends, Together We Carry On follows his journey to create new memories and meaning in his life. Watch the film here...


Sometimes It Takes A Village

Michael Braegelmann started hunting sheep in the 1970s. He killed a desert bighorn, then a Dall’s, then a Stone’s. Every trip was an adventure with friends. Decades passed, and in 2022, he began treatment for stage IV cancer. He had just one ram left before his FNAWS was complete. Thankfully, his friends would be there to help


Good Enough for Sheep by Craig Boddington

All shots are important… but none more than on the mountain!  You’ve dreamed about him for years, and he’s somewhere beyond that next outcropping. Are you ready? Can you make that last climb? Do you have the right stuff…within and without? Honest, I get as excited about a nice whitetail as a big ram. My hands are gonna shake. Fortunately, with long experience, I know they’re gonna shake after the shot.


The Win-Win

Looking back on my recent Dall's sheep hunt at Arctic Red River Outfitters with new friends, Guide Derrick Klassen and cameraman Adam Foss, this was by far the best experience I have ever had. I cannot say thank you enough to the Wild Sheep Foundation and all its partners and staff for making this dream a reality. I am forever appreciative and will always be a member supporting what they do in every way I possibly can. It's hard to put into words how great this trip was and how truly thankful I am.


Kicked Out – Spring 2023

On March 1st, I was blessed to harvest this amazing 10-year-old warrior La Palmosa Ram. I was fortunate to win the hunt at the WSF Life Member Breakfast in 2022. This ram also got me "kicked out" of the <1Club. 


Jerry Evans - Kicked Out

It’s not hard to kill sheep, it’s hard to find them. That’s what I had heard after I drew my first tag in Nevada for a California bighorn. The exact opposite turned out to be true. We saw sheep every day! Getting to them was the hard part. My son Henry was with me every day of the hunt and was next to me when we belly crawled about 200 yards to get within shooting range. We had passed on larger rams than the one I took, but I was just incredibly happy that I could take a once-in-a-lifetime California bighorn sheep.

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