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Thinhorn Sheep Summits

Thinhorn Sheep Summit III Agenda

Thinhorn Sheep Summit III Agenda

Thinhorn Sheep Summit III Presentations


May 4, 2022 (Day 1)


Populations Status/Trend/Estimates
• Meghan Larivee Yukon Pop Status.pdf
• Darren Bruning ADFG Population Status.pdf
• Brad Wendling ADFG 2022 Brooks ram ecology proposal.pdf
Bill Jex Population status and trends-BC.pdf
• Naima Jutha NWT Population & Habitat.pdf

Habitat Needs/Management/Dealing with Impacts of Changing Climate/Precipiation Patterns
• Carmen Wong Kluane NP THS Summit III.pdf
• Tom Paragi ADFG AK Habitat and Climate Change.pdf
• Tom Lohuis ADFG Chugach AK Dall's Sheep.pdf
• Bill Jex and Josh Hamilton Habitat Needs - Climate Change BC.pdf


First Nations Perspective/Role in Wild Sheep Management
• Hunter Lampreau Presentation to Thinhorn Sheep Summit III.pdf

Harvest History/Projections
• Catherine Pinard THS Summit III on Yukon harvest history.pdf
• Darren Bruning ADFG Harvest History.pdf
• Brad Wendling ADFG 2022 Horn Morphometric talk.pdf
Bill Jex Harvest Management.pdf
• Naima Jutha NWT Harvest History.pdf

May 5, 2022 (Day 2)


Predator Control & Management/Ungulate Enhancement
• Meghan Larivee Yukon History Predator Mgt.pdf
• Graham van Tighem YFWMB THS Summit III Presentation.pdf
• Darren Bruning Alaska Predator Control and Management.pdf
• Bill Jex Predator Control and Management-BC.pdf

Access/Travel Management
• Meghan Larivee Yukon Access Management.pdf
• Michael Draper Discussion Paper - Yukon Lands Act.pdf
• Darren Bruning Alaska Access and Travel Management.pdf
Bill Jex Access Management-BC.pdf
• Tahltan Central Gov't (Norm MacLean-Technical Adviser) Jade-Boulder Road and Caribou Pass.pdf


Pathogen Surveillance/Disease Status
• Kristenn Magnusson Yukon Pathogen Surveillance & Disease Status.pdf
Kimberlee Beckmen et al Movi TWS ADFG presentation.pdf
• Kim Andrews Whole Genome Sequencing of Movi.pdf

• Caeley Thacker BC Pathogen Surveillance & Disease Status.pdf
Naima Jutha NWT Thinhorn Sheep Health.pdf

Strategies to Maintain/Achieve Disease-Free Thinhorn Sheep
• Michelle Thompson Yukon Control Order.pdf
• Schwanke & Kehoe Reducing the Risk of Disease in wild Caprinae in Alaska - From the Ground Up.pdf
• Jeremy Ayotte BC Sheep Separation Program report.pdf

Thinhorn Summit II


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