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WSF Chapter & Affiliate Banquet Dates 2021-22

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, transmission mitigation social distancing mandates, and to support social responsibility some events have been postponed, cancelled or rescheduled as noted in bold italics below. 

WSF will keep this list updated as we receive additional changes.

Annual Chapter & Affiliate Banquets are often the sole source of funding for these fine organizations. Please consider making a donation to your regional C&A to support their critical work. Thank you!

  2021 2022
WSF SHEEP SHOW Jan 11-16 (Live) - Feb. 16 (Hybrid)  
WSF THINHORN SUMMIT III April 19-23 (Whitehorse, YT)  
WSF C&A SUMMIT June 24-26  
Jurassic Classic August 20-22  

  2021 2022
Alaska WSF May 1  
California WSF April 24 (Online Event)  
Eastern Chapter WSF February 27 (Online Event)  
Idaho WSF June 12 March 5 (Boise)
Iowa FNAWS February 27  
Midwest Chapter WSF May 1 (Online Event)  
Montana WSF February 27 (Online Event)  
MSU Student Chapter WSF TBD  
New Mexico WSF NM G&F & DBHS Raffle
Oregon FNAWS May 1 (In Person - July option)  
Utah WSF May 15 (St. George)
Washington WSF June 5 (Online Event)  
WSF Alberta Online Auction Closes March 20  
WSF Alberta - Yellowhead TBD
Wyoming WSF June 4-5 (In person)  

  2021 2022
Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society TBD in April (Online Event)  
Elko Bighorns Unlimited June (In Person)
Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn 2021 Cancelled May 21, 2022
National Bighorn Sheep Center TBD
Nebraska Big Game Society TBD
Nevada Bighorns Unlimited March 20 (Online Event)
Nevada Bighorns Unlimited - Fallon TBD
Nevada Bighorns Unlimited - Midas TBD
Northern Nevada SCI March 27
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society May 21 (Online Event)  
Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance N/A
Society for the Cons. of Bighorn Sheep N/A
Texas Bighorn Society June 11-12 (In Person)
Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia March 12-13 (Online event)
Wild Sheep Society of BC - Northern February 6 (Online event)

NOTE: No Date Listed = Date not yet provided by C&A

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