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Building Bridges by Tending to the Communal Campfire

The best part? Everyone is invited.

At 1Campfire, we are on a mission to make hunting accessible and—above all—accepted as any other outdoor pursuit. In a world that increasingly appreciates organic food, outdoor adventure, and alignment with the natural world, it’s perplexing how hunting and fishing have become pariahs, especially in the world of adventure and outdoor sports like hiking, camping, surfing and snowboarding. As outdoorsmen and women, we must be honest about our role in this unfortunate situation. While we’ve always loved the outdoors, the hunting community has become aligned with politics—almost always conservative—and an aggressive attitude about rights, firearms, and a combative nature. But at 1Campfire, we know this does not represent us, either overall or as individuals. Hunters can be anyone. And anyone can be a hunter. 

We love hunting first and foremost and are changing minds in a multitude of ways. Here is an in-depth breakdown of 1Campfire’s mission and how we find success with empathy, curiosity, and a friendly, apolitical approach.

It’s simple. 
1Campfire exists to open conversations between hunters and the rest of the world. Over the past year, we built on past successes to create a stronger, more confident and empathetic brand voice. The people are noticing.
We’ve seen steady, sustainable growth by seeking out curious outdoor-loving adventurers who—although may not hunt yet—are just like us. The summary is this: getting friendly and social with non-hunters helps hunters make change in the most important places. Let’s keep the fire burning.

First, we focus on messaging that is inclusive. When we say “hunting is for every human” we mean it: gender, race, political affiliation, and sexual orientation do not come into our conversation, as we consider mentioning them divisive. If you are human, you are invited to the campfire. This viewpoint is meant to challenge the conventions that only white men hunt and only Indigenous Peoples can pursue it with nobility. These viewpoints are simply not true.
Every human is welcome. We believe the entire spectrum of humans can join us in celebrating the rewarding qualities of hunting, fishing and foraging. We don’t shy away from the big issues and encourage them to ask the big questions. We share our love and views of hunting proudly because we know firsthand the benefits of sourcing your own food while taking part in a lifestyle as old as humanity itself.  

Next, we focus on good, healthy food. In a lot of our messaging, we confidently put organic wild game meat on a pedestal and proudly tell our followers how it is better than the supermarket. Whether fishing, foraging, or hunting, we know food found on the ground and in the water is infinitely better than the food mechanically processed or purchased in cellophane. Fresh, healthy, and ethically sourced food is the primary focus, but far from the only reason we strike out into the wilderness.

Science guides us. We let others do opinions. The space that hunting occupies is famously opinionated and divisive in its arguments. And while we understand free speech’s importance, we are also comfortable letting the cacophony of voices that exists outside our bubble echo elsewhere. Inside that sphere, we focus on exploring ideas in a positive light. No echo chambers. No arguments. 
We are optimistic. We are inviting. We are open minded. We don’t engage in name-calling or fighting, whether it’s with hunters or non-hunters. If someone disagrees with 1Campfire, we respectfully acknowledge their stance and move on. We don’t need to please everyone. We are confident in who we are. If a commenter harasses another, we tell them to settle down. If they don’t, we remove them. Respect reigns supreme in both 1Campfire’s posts and comment sections.

Holistic, ethical hunting is something to be proud of. As such, we support fair chase and put poachers on blast. We prop up those who are shining examples and we challenge hunters who might be wary of evolving. Finally, we know this: urban populations do not view hunting in a good light but are instrumental when it comes to voting. This means we need to work hard to convince the general populace that what we do is not detrimental to the environment or the community.
Collaboration is key to what we do at 1Campfire, and we are stepping up our efforts to partner with other organizations, influencers, and content creators. We know a rising tide floats all boats. We believe that if hunting wants to create a safer space in communities, we need to lead the way. Therefore, 1Campfire approaches others who we respect to help get the message out: hunting is not evil. Hunting is pure at heart. Most of all, hunting is a natural and human pursuit. If we don’t pursue animals to create experiences and sustenance at the core of who we are, then who are we? Short of being a hardcore vegan, we can’t understand why people can’t agree with this very simple statement. It’s up to us to prove it if we seek acceptance.

In 2024, we’ve partnered with the production company Filter Studios Inc. to produce a web series with a Pacific Northwest youth educator as the host. 
We are working with other standout hunting personalities and entities like, Sue Tidwell, Blood Origins and Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance to elevate and spotlight a united front on how hunting can be more empathetic, more vulnerable, and most importantly—more accessible—to the average human. Across the spectrum, the feedback from these leaders has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive.
In another brand execution, we are strategically inviting key Canadian media members to a few exclusive dinners with celebrity wild game chefs to illuminate the press on how hunting can take fine dining to a unique and delicious higher level. Based in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C., Canada, we expect the events to gain media coverage that places hunting, sport fishing, and foraging in a better light.  

Photo by Darryn Epp

In late 2024 and early 2025, 1Campfire will show up in a significant way at outdoor sport and lifestyle tradeshows in the Pacific Northwest to speak directly to campers, hikers, skiers, surfers and snowboarders, among others. The goal is to put human faces to the digital messaging we’ve created, so that we may be able to open discourse with people on the ground, so to speak.
Some of the world incorrectly thinks we are barbaric and bad for the environment. Let’s show them we are anything but by tending to a warm fire that invites all to its welcoming edges. Want to know more? Visit our website and social media channels and be sure to join the conversation.


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