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Wild Sheep Legacy Foundation

In 2013 the Wild Sheep Legacy Foundation (WSLF) was formed as a separate 501(c)3 Supporting organization to solely support the Mission and Purpose of the Wild Sheep Foundation. The WSF Endowment Fund assets were transferred from the Wild Sheep Foundation to the Wild Sheep Legacy Foundation to manage and invest as of November 2013. The WSLF has a board of Trustees that are all Life Members of the Wild Sheep Foundation and oversee the WSF Endowment Fund. The WSF Endowment Fund is intended to provide the Wild Sheep Foundation a steady, reliable flow of income in perpetuity to fund WSF and its mission. The WSLF Trustees act as the WSF Investment Committee for the WSF's Conservation Fund and Life Member Fund.


To support through Best Public Practice fiduciary management of the endowed funds, and fiduciary counsel on other assets, the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Purpose to “Put and Keep Wild Sheep on the Mountain®"


The Wild Sheep Legacy Foundation will exclusively support the charitable, conservation, scientific, research and education efforts of the Wild Sheep Foundation.

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