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FNAWS - Four North American Wild Sheep

The FNAWS award recognizes those members who have harvested the four North American Wild Sheep.  Completion of a FNAWS is one of the most sought after accomplishments for North American sheep hunters and a FNAWS is highly respected throughout the hunting community.

The four North American sheep are:

1.    Dall’s
2.    Stone’s Sheep (or Fannin)
3.    Rocky Mountain Bighorn (or California Bighorn)
4.    Desert Bighorn

To qualify for a FNAWS a member must have legally and ethically harvested all four sheep in a free range environment.  Each sheep harvested must be recorded with WSF using the WSF Hunt Report Form. No official score chart is required for a FNAWS sheep, just a photograph.

The deadline for submittals for the 2024 Convention is November 1, 2023. 

Awards Contact

Julie Tripp
Awards and Publications Director

Direct Line – 406-602-8138
Fax – 307-527-7117
Email –

Award Forms

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