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FNAWS - Four North American Wild Sheep

The FNAWS award recognizes those members who have harvested the four North American Wild Sheep.  Completion of a FNAWS is one of the most sought after accomplishments for North American sheep hunters and a FNAWS is highly respected throughout the hunting community.

The four North American sheep are:

1.    Dall’s
2.    Stone’s Sheep (or Fannin)
3.    Rocky Mountain Bighorn (or California Bighorn)
4.    Desert Bighorn

To qualify for a FNAWS a member must have legally and ethically harvested all four sheep in a free range environment.  Each sheep harvested must be recorded with WSF using the WSF Hunt Report Form. The deadline for submittals for the 2024 Convention is November 1, 2023. 

Awards Contact

Kim Nieters
Auction/Awards Director
ph. 406.404.8764
fx. 307.527.7117

Award Forms

Click to download WSF Hunt Report Form

Complete WSF Hunt Report Form Online
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