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Ram Awards


The Ram Awards recognize outstanding North American sheep harvested by WSF members. These awards, which started in 1978, are truly an “everyman’s” event with winners coming from all walks of life. Two types of awards are presented—Rifle and Archery—for each species of sheep. Award-winning rams symbolize the opportunities created by wild sheep management and restoration projects funded by our collective efforts. 

Field photos of north american wild sheep 
Awards are presented annually during a special luncheon held during the Sheep Show®.
All entries in the Ram Awards need to be scored by a Boone and Crockett Club or a Pope and Young Club official measurer. The North American wild sheep recognized in the Ram Awards must meet or exceed the following minimum scores:
  • DALL'S SHEEP – 160 B&C points (rifle) and 120 P&Y points (archery) 
  • STONE'S SHEEP (FANNN) – 160 B&C points (rifle) and 120 P&Y points (archery) 
  • CALIFORNIA BIGHORN* – 165 B&C points (rifle) and 140 P&Y points (archery) 
  • DESERT BIGHORN – 165 B&C points (rifle) and 120 P&Y points (archery) 
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN - 175 B&C points (rifle) and 140 P&Y points (archery)

*California bighorn sheep are not recognized as a species in record-keeping by either B&C or P&Y, therefore the minimum scores are established by the WSF Awards Committee. 
Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards will be given for each sheep in both the Rifle and Archery categories. Sheep submitted that meet the minimum score, but are not in the top three will receive Honorable Mention. In addition to these awards, Ram Awards of Excellence for rifle, archery, and young may be given as determined by the WSF Awards Committee and are reserved for truly exceptional animals.

At the 2024 Sheep Show©, three Awards of Excellence were presented during the Friday Evening Banquet. Watch the presentation below:
Below are details for the upcoming 2025 Ram Awards. Submit your entries now, it's never too early!

  • Rams taken after August 30, 2022 through August 30, 2024—that haven’t already been received a Ram Award—will be eligible for the 2025 Ram Awards Program. The absolute deadline for submissions is November 1, 2024.
  • An official Boone and Crockett Club or Pope and Young Club Measurer must score North American rams. Only official 60-day dry scores will be considered. Green scores will not be accepted.
  • Official score charts must include all the measurements and final score, along with the date and location information and be signed by the official measurer (including their OM ID number).
  • A field photograph of the sheep must accompany the entry.
  • All entries must have the name of the outfitters and guides, if they were used. 
  • Hunters entering a ram must be a WSF member in good standing PRIOR to the harvest.
  • California bighorn sheep must have certification from the Fish and Game Department that identifies the ram as a “California Bighorn.”

Youth awards recognize the WSF members under 18 years of age who have legally and ethically harvested North American Sheep in a free-range environment regardless of whether the ram meets the above minimum scores. If a ram harvested by a youth exceeds the minimum scores, it will also be eligible to receive a Ram Award. 

Ram Award entries can be submitted in several ways:
  • On-line Hunt Report – allows you to include details of your hunt and attach your score chart and field photograph.
  • Email PDF Hunt Report – fill out the PDF and email to WSF with a copy of your score chart and field photograph.
  • Mail Hunt Report – Request a hard copy or print a PDF of the Hunt Report and mail to WSF Awards Office along with a printout of your official score chart and field photo. 

Additional Resources

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Questions? Contact Julie Tripp – WSF Awards & Publications Director.
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