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<1 Club

Rules & Regulations 2024

Welcome to the <1Clubs These are the only clubs you'll want to join and then get kicked out!

A <1Club membership is open ONLY to those aspiring sheep hunters who have not yet taken a North American (<1Club) or international (<1iClub) wild sheep ram* AND are WSF members in good standing.

Annual membership in the <1Club is only $25, and $25 for the <1iClub. Members receive a <1 Club T-shirt and one (1) entry into the annual sheep hunt & gear package drawing. The drawing for world-class sheep hunts and other spectacular hunting clothing and equipment occurs each year at the annual Sheep Week® convention.

A WSF Family Membership qualifies: Simply sign up each family member in the <1Club for $25 per person if each family member enlisted satisfies the <1Club requirements detailed above.

We certainly hope you can join us in Reno for the Sheep Show® and the <1Club beer reception and drawing, but if you can’t make it, you could still WIN. The first name drawn is “need not be present to win.” Not only that, but the first winner drawn gets to pick which hunt they want.

The next three names drawn do need to be present to win.

Ultima Thule (Dall's Sheep) - Brett Daugherty
Sierra Al Alamo (Desert Sheep) - Kathy Hill
Alaska Outfitters Unlimited (Dall's Sheep/Griz or Caribou) - Mateo Flores
North Curl Outfitters (Dall's Sheep) - Timothy Riesche

Each year, those kicked out of the <1 Club are featured in WSF’s Wild Sheep Magazine
*As recognized as a wild sheep ram in the CIC Phenotype List Caprinae

NOTE: A wild sheep ram is considered a California bighorn, Dall’s, desert bighorn, fannin, Rocky Mountain bighorn or Stone’s sheep in North America or a non-North American wild sheep taken outside of North America and recognized under WSF’s Mountain Monarchs Award Program. The <1 Club is for those aspiring sheep hunters who have not taken a wild sheep ram under free range/fair chase conditions in North America or an indigenous ram outside of North America. A free-range aoudad qualifies for WSF Mountain Monarch Awards. Consequently since the launch of the <1 Club in 2012 taking a free range aoudad in North America would get the hunter “Kicked Out” of the <1 Club (but not the <1 iClub which is outside of North America.) In light of the management need to harvest more aoudad which negatively impact desert bighorn sheep, the <1 Club Committee has changed the <1 Club Rules effective with the 2023-24 program.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Taking an Aoudad under free range conditions in North America does not disqualify a hunter from <1 Club membership and/or entry into the 2024 hunt drawings!


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