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Grant-in-Aid Funding and Overview



Conservation Impact FY22-23 cover
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WSF directs funding to a variety of wild sheep conservation and management programs, primarily in North America and central Asia. Our attention and focus is on landscape-scale, impactful, high-priority projects, especially projects that enhance wild sheep habitats and restore wild sheep populations.

GIA funding decisions are guided by: 

  • Alignment with our WSF Mission.
  • Priority goals identified in our Conservation Vision 2025.
  • Applications submitted by or through, or closely coordinated with, our network of WSF Chapters & Affiliates will again receive the highest priority consideration for fiscal year 2023-24.


On October 5, 2023, WSF released "WSF Directing $7.815 Million for Wild Sheep", which details the GIA funding, as well as other projects in the queue for FY23-24. Read the full release here

For its fiscal year 2023-24, WSF will direct a record $7.815 Million for wild sheep conservation, management, and advocacy. WSF’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a record $1.6 Million in Grant-In-Aid funding requested through its chapter and affiliate network for wild sheep conservation and management projects.

Eighteen projects from the Yukon to Mexico and California to Nebraska were awarded grants, the largest single sum being $282,800. All projects will influence wild sheep populations in areas of critical need, including Stone's and bighorn sheep studies in British Columbia, desert sheep population enhancement and predator and aoudad control in West Texas, domestic sheep grazing permit retirement in Colorado, the continuation of projects in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Nevada, and internationally, a hunter-based disease surveillance effort in Kyrgyzstan.

Click here for the details on the 18 Grant-in-Aid projects that the Wild Sheep Foundation and our partners and affiliates are focusing on during FY23-24.

GIA Application Process

Applications with strong cost-share/collaborative funding from partner entities will be reviewed most favorably. GIA Applications for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2024-25 will be accepted July 1-31, 2024. In preparation for month of July submissions, applicants are directed to the "Blank" GIA Application below, so they know prior to July 1 what information is required.

It is fiscally prudent that WSF carefully reviews grant requests we receive, and responsibly allocates the funds we have raised. Thank you in advance for your efforts on behalf of wild sheep conservation. 

Sample GIA Application for review prior to beginning formal application

This sneak peak allows applicants to see what information will be required.

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