Mission Funding

The Wild Sheep Foundation directs more than $4.3 million annually to wild sheep conservation and other mission programs. During FY 2014-2015, WSF directed more than $3.02 million to state, provincial and tribal agencies to promote wild sheep and other wildlife conservation efforts. In addition to agency support of $3+ million from the sale of special permits and tags, in FY 2014-2015 more than $1.35 million in mission-directed funding was provided from WSF operations dollars: 

  • $594,000+ to education and advocacy initiatives
  • $389,000+ to support WSF partners in industry and guide/outfitter associations
  • $251,000+ to wild sheep disease research and habitat enhancement programs
  • $120,000 to international initiatives

This $1.35 million was raised through WSF fundraising initiatives such as our innovative Take One – Put One Back program, WSF giving societies, grants from partner foundations, Ensuring the Future of Wild Sheep capital campaign gifts and proceeds from our record-breaking Sheep Show™ convention.

Our FY 2015-2016 Annual Report is in production and will be released with FY 2015-2016 mission funding data in late fall 2016. 


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