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Wildlife for the 21st Century - Volume VI

Since 2001, the American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP) has delivered a comprehensive transition document to each presidential campaign vying for election. AWCP was formed in 2000. It is now a consortium of 50 organizations representing the interests of America's millions of hunter-conservationists, professional wildlife and natural resource managers, outdoor recreation users, conservation educators, and wildlife scientists. The Wild Sheep Foundation is one of the group's founding members.

Wildlife for The 21st Century VI contains ten recommendations addressing pressing issues facing wildlife conservation and our sporting heritage. Read them all or pick those that pique your interest.

The bottom line is this how our issues get heard, beneficial conservation actions get done, and harmful ones get snuffed out.
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• Recommendation 1
Secure Permanent and Dedicated Conservation Funding from Public and Private Sources

• Recommendation 2
Enhance Access for Hunters and Outdoor Recreationists

• Recommendation 3
Require Collaboration on Big Game Migration Corridors and Habitats

• Recommendation 4
Integrate Industry, State, and Federal Wildlife Goals Early in Energy Planning

• Recommendation 5
Incentivize Private Landowners to Conserve Wildlife and Habitat and Provide Access for Hunting

• Recommendation 6
Increase Active Management of Federal Lands and Reduce Litigation through Collaboration

• Recommendation 7
Achieve Greater Results from an Improved Endangered Species Act (ESA) Program

• Recommendation 8
Support and Assist States in Addressing Chronic Wasting Disease and Wild Sheep Pneumonia

• Recommendation 9
Focus Climate Policy on Habitat Conservation and Restoration

• Recommendation 10
Require Collaboration for Wildlife Conservation, Hunting, and Recreational Shooting on Federal Lands
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