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Youth Programs

WSF reaches out to the next generation of conservationists and outdoors adventurers with Shooting, Hunting & Ethics Education Programs (S.H.E.E.P.) and the Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience (YWCE).

S.H.E.E.P. runs yearlong coast-to-coast, bringing quality outdoor education experiences to young people in their home communities. The program features hands-on learning about wildlife, habitat, conservation, outdoor recreation, shooting sports and more.

The YWCE occurs during the WSF’s annual Sheep Show® convention in Reno, NV. The multi-day event welcomes elementary through high school students and their families to learn hands-on about wild sheep, the natural world, shooting and archery, survival, hunter safety, conservation careers and many more exciting subjects.

The WSF YWCE is funded by an annual 5% distribution from the MidwayUSA Foundation/WSF YWCE Endowment Fund owned and managed by MidwayUSA Foundation. Donating to the MidwayUSA Foundation/WSF YWCE Endowment Fund will help ensure this impactful and life changing youth education program continues in perpetuity.


Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience

The Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience (YWCE) takes place annually at WSF’s premiere fundraising event and convention—The Sheep Show®, in Reno, Nevada. This program, run by WSF Youth Education Coordinator Dr. Ryan Brock, has seen attendance grow annually


Download Lesson Plans For All Grade Levels

Our Youth Curriculum is constantly being developed to help both formal and informal educators teach concepts about wild sheep, conservation and the importance of natural places. See our complete list of Lesson Plans and Education Materials.


Shooting, Hunting & Ethics Education Programs

The Shooting, Hunting, and Ethics Education Program (S.H.E.E.P.) is WSF’s outreach in exciting and inspiring the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife conservationists with activities ranging from smaller, chapter-based events to large scale events.

Nevada Outdoor Experience

The Nevada Outdoor Experience is sponsored and organized by the Wild Sheep Foundation annually. The goal of the free event is to excite and inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts


The WSF Life Membership Fund Scholarship is awarded to students in a field related to the Wild Sheep Foundation's endeavors. Specifically, degrees in wildlife management, wildlife biology, and wildlife pathology. 

Townsend Youth Conservation Award

Dedicated in the memory of Butch Townsend. He devoted much of his life to wild sheep. He knew there wouldn’t be sheep on the mountain in the future without kids on the mountain today.

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