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Take One – Put One Back

The cost to put one sheep back on the mountain was estimated at $4,700 by VP of Conservation Kevin Hurley, as follows:

  • Net-gun Trap & Transplant ≈ $800
  • Diagnostic Lab & Disease Testing ≈ $400
  • Store on Board GPS collar ≈ $3,500
  • Total ≈ $4,700

WSF members make a $5,000 tax deductible donation to WSF to “put one back” when buying a permit or a sheep hunt, draw a special sheep permit, take a sheep or just want to “put a sheep on the mountain.”

Supporters of Take One-Put One Back are recognized at the WSF’s premier event, The Sheep Show®, during the convention’s Friday and Saturday night banquets.

Donors get a numbered sheep ear tag - tag includes WSF logo, featuring the number of sheep the donor “Put Back.”

Funds raised are dedicated to WSF Conservation initiatives to accomplish our Purpose “To Put and Keep Wild Sheep on the Mountain®.

Since the program's inception in 2014, 103 donors have pledged and/or contributed more than $848,500 to put sheep back on the mountain.

Fiscal Year 2017-18
Take One Put One Back Sponsors

Terry Rathert
Nicholas Saner (Dumor)   
Roger Segebrecht  
Norbert Bremer
Albert Seeno 
Stan Atwood
Guinn Crousen
Total = $65,000

 = Denotes the quantity of WILD sheep put Back (when more than one)
WSF's Fiscal Year = July 1 - June 30


Fiscal Year 2016-17
Take One Put One Back Sponsors

Jack Atcheson & Sons
Norbert Bremer
Scott Brown
Steve Bruggeman
Ron Carey
Ft. Belknap Tribe
Susan Hein
Micki Jefferson
Kaan & Nurgul Karakaya  
Robert & Marion Logan
Mark & Gabrielle Peterson  
Richard Pierce
Terry Rathert
Alan & Barbara Sackman
Albert Seeno  
Roger Segebrecht  
Kevin Small
Yeti Coolers  
ARRO Raffle
FY End Challenge
Total = $246,000

 = Denotes the quantity of WILD sheep put Back (when more than one)
WSF's Fiscal Year = July 1 - June 30


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