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WSF Welcomes New Southeast Chapter

The Wild Sheep Foundation today announced the official formation of the new Southeast Chapter of WSF.  “The Wild Sheep Family is growing,” said WSF President and CEO Gray N. Thornton. “We’ve received a lot of interest from our existing members and others in this region of the country who want to step up and be more directly involved in supporting our purpose to ‘Put and Keep More Wild Sheep on the Mountain®.”


Wild Sheep Foundation: $1 Million for Stone’s Sheep

Coming off another record-breaking Sheep Show®, and in celebration of our 16th chapter & affiliate summit held this year in Calgary, Alberta, the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) announced a committment of $1 Million in Grant in Aid for Stone’s sheep conservation in northern British Columbia.


WSF Releases “BE SURE”, a New Field Identification Guide

The Wild Sheep Foundation has released a new guide to address mistaken identity between bighorn sheep and aoudad (barbary sheep). 

“With aoudad populations expanding rapidly, we’re hearing increasing reports of hunters mistakenly shooting desert bighorn ewes and juvenile rams when hunting aoudads,” explained Gray N. Thornton, President & CEO of the Wild Sheep Foundation. “That’s a problem for wild sheep game managers, and it could also result in legal problems for hunters.”


2025 Sheep Show Express – Free Booth Transport from Atlanta to Reno

We are very pleased to announce plans for FREE booth material transport from Atlanta to Reno on WSF’s Sheep Show® Express trucking and transport service. WSF has retained four semi-tractor trailers with team drivers who can legally drive 20 hours a day to ensure your booths will depart Atlanta at DSC show close and arrive in Reno Monday night for WSF move in Tuesday morning. 


WSF Board Approves Updated Ewe Hunting Position Statement

At its Spring Board Meeting held in Reno, Nevada, on April 5-6, members approved an updated position statement on hunting ewes. The Wild Sheep Foundation is dedicated to conserving wild sheep and their ecosystems. As the catalyst for innovative conservation initiatives to restore, manage, and enhance wild sheep populations, the Foundation supports agency use of all proven methods to keep populations healthy.


EXPLORE Act Passes the House

The House passed the Expanding Public Lands Outdoor Recreation Experiences (EXPLORE) Act on a voice vote, demonstrating the bipartisan nature of outdoor recreation and the importance of public land access to all Americans. The bill addresses several pressing issues for federal land managers and is the result of a years-long effort to increase outdoor recreation opportunities nationwide.


The Wild Sheep Way for Endangered Species

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) turned 50 years old last year. The celebrations and condemnations mainly repeated the ESA chatter of the last 25 years: it’s great, it’s terrible, it works, it doesn’t. The more interesting thing is how ESA became part of the conversation about the Pittman-Robertson Act. The Pittman-Robertson Act (PR) turned 86 as ESA turned 50 and is a far bigger part of the Wild Sheep mission. PR is arguably the most powerful wildlife restoration program in the U.S. and an example of how ESA might improve.


Statement from WSF on cloning wild sheep

Statement from WSF's President & CEO, Gray N. Thornton, "As the world's preeminent wild sheep conservation organization with the finest most mission-driven network of chapters and affiliates, Wild Sheep Foundation is sickened by this abhorrent effort to corrupt one of God's finest and most regal creations, the wild sheep..."


Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation and Wild Sheep Foundation Applaud Passage of Idaho Open Records Law amendment

BOISE, ID., Idaho Governor Brad Little recently signed a bill that closed a harmful loophole in the state’s open records law. Previously, an unethical person could use the Open Records law to request location information on specific wildlife, and agency professionals had no choice but to offer up the information. This amendment to the existing law provides an exemption for disclosure of specific wildlife locations, including GPS collar data.


Women Hunt Goes Beyond Bonds

In October 2023, 12 women from throughout North America graduated from the Women Hunt® Program. After receiving expert-level instruction on everything from firearms to conservation at the FTW Ranch in Texas, they became the third class of the Wild Sheep Foundation’s (WSF) quickly advancing program.


Pain on the Path Forward for Horses and Burros

The latest attempt to manage feral horses and burros is failing despite a 2019 agreement for huge increases in the last four annual budgets. WSF joined the 2019 agreement.  We supported it as an honest attempt, providing we would withdraw support if it failed to work.


Wild Sheep Partners with Western Hunt Fest

The Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) has joined as the title sponsor of Western Hunt Fest, a community of mountain game hunters committed to next-level preparation and the thrill of the chase.

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