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WSF Conservation Grants Focusing on Chapter Projects

The Wild Sheep Foundation recently revamped its Conservation Grant-in-Aid process to direct more of the funds its raises to projects identified and prioritized by its network of chapters and affiliate chapters.
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WSF: Utah’s First Desert Bighorn Nursery Herd Doing Well

Thanks to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) efforts, the Nevada Department of Wildlife, the Utah Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation, and the D. Gary and Mary Young Family, Utah has its first nursery herd for desert bighorn sheep.
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HR 8167 Wrong for Sportsmen, Conservation, Second Amendment

Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) today expressed its staunch opposition to a bill that, if passed, would cripple wildlife conservation permanently.

H.R. 8167, the so-called Return Our Constitutional Rights Act of 2022, will eliminate the 85-year-old program that helped save wild sheep and other wildlife from extinction and continues expanding their populations today. The bill disguises this senseless result by claiming to defend Second Amendment rights.
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