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2021 Sheep Show Update

August 20, 2020
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August 18, 2020

Dear Wild Sheep Family Members, Partners & Supporters:

Since our last communication on 8/3 the WSF staff have continued to explore best in class options in the likely event we will not be able to host our convention in Reno, or at least one that would resemble the Sheep Show we’ve all come to enjoy. What we are still hearing is mandatory masks, sanitizing stations, temperature checks at the door, and exhibit hall attendance and banquet seating restrictions, or events outright canceled the week of by a governing authority.

We’re still hopeful for Reno, but also being realistic at the same time. What we can report is we are getting a much clearer picture of the new opportunities available regarding hosting genuinely unique events, some online and some in person. For one, we’re seeing an opportunity for far more people to participate, and we can make it easy for them to come away with precisely what they’re looking for.  We’re exploring opportunities for all those who love wild sheep to play a role in Sheep Week, whether they’re a member, an exhibitor or just a mountain hunter recently bit by Sheep Fever.

One thing is for certain, we will keep you updated and informed as things progress. Until then, best of luck during the early seasons this fall.

August 3, 2020

Dear Wild Sheep Family Members, Partners & Supporters:
You may be wondering, among other things, what the convention season might look like in the early part of 2021. Right now, definitive answers are hard to come by. Planning anything long- or short-term in our pandemic world is all but impossible. As valued members of the Wild Sheep Family, we feel you deserve a realistic look at what lies ahead so you can plan accordingly, even if it’s not shaping up to be what you’re used to seeing.

The Wild Sheep Foundation will host our annual event; we will have our Sheep Week®. Sadly, at least with what we’re seeing and hearing today, it is unlikely that we will all be able to come together in one grand expo center and banquet room in Reno as in years past. There is simply no indication that a gathering of our size will be allowed to assemble by mid-January or anytime in the next 6-8 months, masks or no masks.

As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” We’re excited about this opportunity to think outside the box, think bigger, and share the type of events you have come to expect from the Wild Sheep Foundation. After all, we’re sheep and mountain hunters, which makes us all innovators, influencers, and adapters. 

WSF has enlisted some of the brightest minds in the business to bring you the best and most worthwhile “new” 2021 Sheep Week® imaginable. Whether you’re an exhibitor, a sponsor, donor, or bidder looking to advance your business and support wild sheep conservation, or an attendee with the dates circled on your calendar, keep those dates circled.

We will be corresponding with you again soon, initially with questions followed by further details about what you can expect in 2021. Who knows, we may just be looking at a new series of events and happenings everyone can take part in, benefit from, and enjoy.

WSF exists for one purpose, Putting and Keeping Wild Sheep on The Mountain. It’s not a hobby or a PR campaign. We also look after our members, supporters, and partners. The conservation projects, agencies, and organizations where we direct your dollars for advancing wild sheep restoration, conservation, and hunting opportunities will not be taking a year off. Our efforts will not take a year off. 

Naturally, as this fluid situation changes, we’ll keep you up to date.


Gray N. Thornton
President & CEO
WSF Bozeman, MT

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