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October 4, 2023
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“Lamb survival appeared to be greatly improved in the second year. In the Summer of 2022, a total of 14 lambs were documented. All of these lambs survived to be recruited as yearlings in Spring of 2023, suggesting 100% lamb survival.”

On February 18th, 2020, a total of 26 bighorn sheep (19 ewes, 2 lambs, 5 rams) bighorn sheep were captured from Wildhorse Island in northwest Montana to reduce that herd, which had grown beyond island population objectives. FWP staff, personnel from the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes wildlife program, and volunteers from the Wild Sheep Foundation and the Montana Wild Sheep Foundation participated in capture efforts.

For each sheep, personnel documented biological information and obtained samples for genetics, health, and pathogen testing. During processing, all sheep were ear-tagged, and individuals ≥ 1.5yo were collared with GPS collars. Collars on younger ewes and rams were padded to accommodate future growth. The sheep were then transported by special stock trailers to the Tendoy Mountains near Dillion, Montana to reestablish a new herd.

WSF again thanks our partners at Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, Montana WSF, and Bass Pro Shops Cabela’s Outdoor Fund for helping make this trap and translocate and future monitoring possible.

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